The “Golden Trio” to Make Your Woman Cum!

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Wow. Remember that track by Salt-N-Pepa? “Let’s talk about sex, baby!” Yeah! It’s time to talk about SEX again!.

That sweetness you experience without your taste buds. Hmmmm! That sweetness must be really special and peculiar, right?


Yeah, it is. It could only be God’s special design to make His creatures become helplessly and dependent on each other for relief, at some point in the relationship.


Imagine for once how dependent you are on your partner for relief; that moment you are about to cum. Oh, what a feeling you say!


So guys, now that we have let the cat out of the bag, by now you should have gotten the memo that some women fake are pro in the act of faking it. Yes, some women fake orgasm. But how do you, the man drill her hole to ensure she climax for real?


Spoiler alert! Before we get started, we need to burst a few myths. While you can technically ‘help’ a woman climax, it is not your sole responsibility to make her cum. So don’t overwhelm yourself with the task of mastering all of the secrets of the sexual universe.


There are many factors which can impact reaching orgasm, particularly for women.


According to Kalila Bolton, co-founder of sexual wellness hub, She Spot, “It’s not just about the type of stimulation but her mood, setting, time of day and stress levels can all have an effect.”


What that simply means is that if your partner reached orgasm from a specific position or stimulation in the past, it doesn’t necessarily means she will have it the exact same way.


A study from a team of US researchers suggests that a combination of genital stimulation, deep kissing and oral sex is the “golden trio” for women when it comes to increasing their likelihood of reaching orgasm with a sexual partner.


Young couple in bed


However there are other ways too. Have it in mind that what works for one woman might be uncomfortable for another, so while these steps may well help your partner to climax, don’t forget to check in with her, ask her questions about how she wants to be satisfied sexually.

Some other ways are:

*Foreplay: This is the warm-up phase for a female. It’s warm-up period that builds anticipation, encourages blood flow to her lady parts, and triggers natural lubrication.


Learn how to be better at foreplay.

Women are more likely to need a little encouragement before their body starts to respond, which means foreplay is a huge factor in delivering better orgasms and maybe even delivering orgasms at all.


**Try A Delay Spray To Last Longer:


Premature ejaculation issues can make it even harder to help her get over the threshold when you’ve already finished.

About one in three men experience premature ejaculation


If you consistently hit your climax point and the refractory period before she gets anywhere near the big bang, it may be wise to try a delay spray to help you last longer in bed.


***Get The Conversation Started And Keep On Talking:


Talking/Verbalizing about sex doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but the more you can talk, exchange ideas, and give guidance in the bedroom, the more equipped you both will be to please each other.


****Mind Your Exercise And Diet:


if you really want to give her a better orgasm, getting in shape and increasing your stamina can be a REALLY big deal.


*****Pick The Sexual Positions Most Apt To Encourage Orgasm:


If you’re shooting to make her orgasm in a certain way, taking advantage of certain positions can really help too.


At this juncture gentlemen, let sex be a thing your partner always look forward to. Enough of wham, bam, thank you ma’am! Kindaof sex.

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