Fake news: Okonjo-Iweala debunks statement on threat messages after meeting Tinubu  

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Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director General of the World Trade Organisation, has debunked the statement credited to her about being bombarded with threat messages after her meeting with President Bola Tinubu in Abuja on Tuesday.

Ngozi Okojo-Iweala

A statement by her Media Adviser, Paul Nwabuikwu, said, “The statement is false. It is not from Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.”


The false statement which was being shared widely on social media Wednesday claimed that she has been receiving “toxic calls and messages” after her meeting with President Bola Tinubu.


The false statement read:


“I keep receiving toxic calls and messages regarding my meeting with the president yesterday, and from those I hold in very high esteem.


“Honestly, I am shocked at the contents of the messages and the tone of the callers. Has Nigeria sunk this low? A visit I made for the good of our dear nation is what they are using to threaten my life and family!


“You don’t recognise someone as your president yet begging him to save you from the hands of killers in your region.


“I am bringing investors to Nigeria using the president’s commendable policies as bait. Is that too difficult to understand?


“President Tinubu’s reforms might be harsh now but they would birth a new and prosperous nation. I have lost count of presidents, respected Institutions, and investors that have called to congratulate me on Nigeria eventually having a focused leader since the reforms were rolled out.


“At least, six multi-national manufacturing giants are coming with me by December later this year to see how their firms can have factories here. It’s all part of my contributions to the progress of Nigeria. I am not a politician. I only desire the best for my dear country. It informed my visit to President Tinubu. The world has accepted him as our president, like it or not. May God heal us.”



The former minister of finance had said that her visit was not in her capacity as director-general of the WTO.


She said she and the president pledged their readiness to improve the welfare of the citizens.


She added that her conversation with the president centred on formulating measures to stimulate job creation, foster women’s empowerment, and bolster digital trade within the country’s economy.

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