Rivers Crisis: Yoruba Youths Threaten Protest For Wike’s Sack!

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The Oduduwa Youths Initiative (OYI) has threatened a nationwide protest demanding the sack, of the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, over failure to respect the peace accord he signed, with his Rivers state successor, Sim Fubara, at the instance of President Tinubu, thus disrespecting the office of the Commander In Chief.



In a statement signed by its leader, Otunba Gbenga Ojo, the youths said it is against the culture of the Yoruba people to disrespect elders and authorities in government like Wike has done.



In December, Governor Siminalayi Fubara signed an agreement with his predecessor to end the political crisis in Rivers State



An eight-point peace deal was brokered by President Tinubu and other stakeholders at a crucial meeting in the Presidential Villa, Abuja


However, the FCT Minister and his lieutenants have sustained attacks on the Governor, particularly through the state assembly members.



According to Ojo, the members, led by Martin Amaewhule have made several futile attempts to destabilise the government of Fubara.



He said the lawmakers have continued to make life difficult for Governor Fubara by vetoing him, amending and enacting laws without his assent.



Ojo noted that the recent threat by the 27 lawmakers to resume impeachment proceedings against the Governor lends credence to the deepening crisis between the two parties.



The Oduduwa youths also slammed Wike for his continuous public outbursts, ruling out the possibility of any reconciliation with Fubara.



But on his part, the group said Fubara implemented the agreements, including the re-appointment of the nine pro-Wike commissioners who resigned their positions in the heat of the crisis and payment of the withheld entitlements of the lawmakers.



The Oduduwa Youths Initiative, therefore, called on Wike to apologise for the level of disdain and disregard for the office of the President.



Ojo warned that failure to do so would attract protests across the country by Yoruba youths to demand his sack as Minister.



“We have followed the political crisis in Rivers State and the swift intervention by President Tinubu to end further hostilities,” Ojo said.



“However, we have been surprised that the peace accord has not been implemented by the FCT Minister who appears to have thrown caution to the wind in his conduct.



“For months now Amaewhule and his cohorts have been entangled in unconstitutionality, in their selfish bid to destablise the administration of Governor Fubara and satisfy the whims and caprices of Wike.



“In January, the lawmakers overrode the decision of the governor not to approve four bills earlier passed by the assembly. The governor had withheld his assent rightly stating that such amendments would create confusion and breach constituted laws.



“The Rivers House recently again overrode the decision of Fubara not to assent to some bills. They even resumed impeachment proceedings against the Governor.



“We are not surprised though because Wike has consistently made careless remarks undermining the President. He has been very heedless and uncult.



“Therefore, we are giving the FCT Minister 24 hours to apologise for disrespecting the President. Failure to do so would attract massive protests across the country calling for his sack”.

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